Monday, August 22, 2011

Needs Assessment Questionnaire

Needs Assessment Questionnaire

Needs Assessment Questionnaire can be called as web based tool, which is significant in knowing where your business is. It can be an organization or agency which needs to know where its business stands with strategic planning continuum. With the help of Needs Assessment Questionnaire you can prepare best strategic plans to improve your business further.

You can create steadiness in assessment making by implementing organized processes. Ultimately the questionnaire provides systematic, scalable, justification and Replicable. There are different types of Needs Assessment Questionnaire, 
        Medical or Health Needs Assessments, Community Needs Assessments, Organizational Needs Assessments and Individual-Decision Needs Assessments

Sample Needs Assessment Questionnaire:

What changes do we need to make the business grow?
Are the previous plans and strategies good or we needing a change?
Who are the training sessions?
What kind of strategies plans have you implemented?
How do you identify your clients?
What kind of structured methods you have used collect information of your business?
What kind of tools have you used to collect information?
Has the data collected helped you in finalizing the project?
What kind of performance measures do you implement?