Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sample Questionnaire Cover Letter

Sample Questionnaire Cover Letter

Sample Questionnaire Cover Letter is a letter written to groups of people to take a survey or detailed critical inspection that is related to a study research or a new product. A cover letter is a piece of short note written before submitting a letter or document. It’s just a short descriptive outline before submitting a letter.

The importance of the Cover letter Questionnaire is to send an undersized survey on how people should answer the questionnaire. It’s like sending short survey before sending a main questionnaire. The cover letter should be brief and spot on.

Sample Questionnaire Cover Letter

Mr Ramesh Verma,

President, Tata group,

Respected Mr Ramesh Verma,

I am a student from New York University doing my MBA graduation, as per the project requirement we are conducting a survey on finance. I would request you take part in the survey.

The survey will have only open ended and close ended. The answers should be answered with honesty as we use these answers to analyze the over all data. The data is kept confidential and will share the results once the analysis is finished.

In case you are uncomfortable with any question you can move on to answer the next. Please be honest and make the survey Successful.

Ms. Preethi