Monday, January 30, 2012

Mobile Questionnaire

Mobile Questionnaire

Mobile questionnaire is a used mainly by mobile companies to know exactly if the end user is satisfied with the mobile. There are many mobile manufactures and each one do prepare separate questionnaire according to the model and its features. When experts are looking out of global mobile market, they use a document called Mobile Market Research Questionnaire, this can also be called online Mobile questionnaire.

Mobile surveys are also conducted by new local companies to know about the good will and value of their product. In some place the survey are called phone survey questions. There are people who prepare online polls to check the number of top votes a mobile is getting, this shows which brand is most liked.

Mobile questionnaire can be distributed using viral marketing or email marketing, either ways is fine, but the questions should be product and feature specific. Below you can find Sample Mobile questionnaire:

What is your femininity?


Whats the brand of the mobile?

Are the features best when compared to others?

Does this phone satisfy your multimedia needs?

Do you use all the application that is on the mobile?

Are the mobile apps really helpful? If so which one do you use the most?

Do you feel the price of the mobile is worth?

Do you play games on the mobile?

How do you find the keypad and touch screen?

What is the quality of the audio?