Thursday, February 16, 2012

Market Research Questionnaire

Market Research Questionnaire

Market research questionnaire is a online form used by business to determine the market. Any business today would share its success using this research questionnaire. Its helps you in proving if the product or service your about to launch will be a big hit, will it stand good with customer values, can it handle competition, this is what every market research firm looks out for.

Market research services previously used target audience for their research, but now the research is made public. When it’s made public which is very time consuming effort from the marketing survey people to prepare a questionnaire and to collect back the data? These days business prefer free market research which they use a market research software and do an email campaigning.

Firstly we need to have good knowledge about the product and service the company is offering, then make questions which are very easy to answer and then explain a bit the new features of the product and then as if the customers like the features and is pro’s and con’s. You need to have a quality repost in order to make a company or business grow.

Sample Market Research Questionnaire

First name _______________ middle name _________________ last name _____________?
Age, Sex, Occupation, Contact detail, Permanent address, E-mail address?
Did you hear of this product?
Do you think this will be useful?
Are you satisfied with the new features?
Is the pricing worth?
What is your overall satisfaction?
How do you rate the product?