Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Questionnaire About Yourself

Questionnaire About Yourself

Questionnaire about yourself is what many people think is for fun, yes I may be for fun, but few questions can give the best answers to evaluate yourself in worst areas, like your habits, attitude towards others, ego and jealous problems. It’s always good to know yourself before advising some one.

No human is perfect; every one has some dark shadows internally. You may look very happy outside, but internally stressed with something else. You might actually be very happy with few people and not with others. The main intention of the “Questionnaire about yourself” is to know yourself in every aspect of life and make changes.

Questionnaires About Yourself

Do you love to be called with your real name?

Do you love you Parents?

When do you feel jealous? Of what?

Do you have any EGO problems with family members, Boss, friends ?

What makes you stressed?

Do you love being single or move around with friends?

What you love to do in the weekends?

The food you love?

Do you love traveling?

If you’re a father, do you give importance to your family or friends?

Are you a short tempered person and what steps you have taken to reduce this?

Do you smoke? Have you ever tried stopping it? Do you know the health problems caused?

Do you involve in group discussions?

Do you wish to stay with your parents even after marriage or leave then alone?

Do you work for money or satisfaction?

Do you trust strangers?

Why do you quarrel with your wife?

How many hours do you spend with your children?

Answering this questions gives you the answers where exactly you need to change to love a happy life.