Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life Style Questionnaire

Life style questionnaires are framed to collect detailed population measures of individual behaviors that could impact health. Even these consumer life style questionnaires are one of the marketing strategies of the world. As you know nothing in this world will be done free of cost. Everything has its own profit motto behind it. When the company’s conduct life style questionnaires, they will come to interests of the people and they will dig out an easy way to focus on the target group of customers.

For example a company which runs retail store of different alcoholic brands was able to know the top brand favored by the customers by conducting a life style questionnaire. Even the company’s use these life style questionnaire surveys to find out their targeted group easily based on their life style and interests.

The life style questionnaires help the companies to hit the new pool of potential customers and increase their sales in short span. Most of the people, including you make be curious to know the type of questions asked in the life style questionnaire. Let’s have a look life style questionnaire framed by a financial company. 

  • The life style questionnaire will start with asking the details of your personal information, contact details, family details. 
  • It will ask you about the health issues if any and proceed ahead with the employment details. 
  • In the this section, it will ask you about your assists, liabilities, savings and retirement plans 
  • In the next section, it will know about your risk bearing capabilities in the investment