Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sample Financial Advisor Questionnaire

Financial Advisor Questionnaire

Financial Advisor questionnaire is drafted to know how good a person is to work as a financial Advisors job. 

It’s just like a Financial Advisor interview questions. Before recruiting the financial adviser we need to know about his/her skills and experience. Though he has experience with different companies, we need to analyze if he can handle real time scenarios in our company. The questionnaire should be prepared so that we can judge the candidate by his answers. Make sure you provide few scenarios which were difficult to handle. 0

Sample Financial Advisor Questionnaire 

Phone number:
Permanent address:
Current Position:
How do you handle pressure?
Which was most difficult you have faced as financial advisor?
How would you handle or provide ideas when the company is in loss?
Can you real work hard to save the company in financial crisis?
How would you allocate financial resource new projects?