Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sample Financial Literacy Survey Questionnaire

Financial Literacy Survey Questionnaire

Financial Literacy Survey Questionnaire is a survey done in many places to know how people are investing their money. 

It’s an important survey to be taken in this financial crisis, where people lack financial planning and investment planning. The survey is to hold questions related financial goals, money investment, and scam prevention. 

The Financial Literacy Survey questions should keep track of expenditure, pensions and investments made by you and your family. How far your family is benefited from the insurance or financial policies you made. If you have taken a loan from a bank, you should know how much interest you are paying and for how many years. A person doesn't know the exact loopholes in choosing mortgage and tax rules. 

Below are below sample Financial Literacy Survey Questionnaire: 

Sample Financial Literacy Survey Questionnaire 

Do you have good knowledge in financial investments? 
Do you just have theoretical knowledge or piratical? 
Do elders in your family have knowledge on investment or retirement savings? 
Have you ever tried to educate any one when applying for a loan? 
How much do you earn and save ever year? 
Where do you invest the saved money? 
Have you made any investment policies? 
Have you taken any child plans for future? 
Do you keep records of how much you and your family spent? 
How often do you go for shopping and invest on items for all your family members? 
What you do if you’re out of money? 
How much do you spend on education for your kids every year? 
Do you search online before investment in a venture? 
Do you have credit card? 
Do you have any debts? 
Do you pay back the debts on time?