Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sample Mba Admissions Interview Questionnaire

If you are looking to join MBA in any business school, it’s always good to know the interviews these schools conduct before you join the course. The MBA admission interview questionnaire will actually help you knowing yourself better when answering the admission questions. 

The interviews for MBA have become common with every business school in the world. It’s always best to join a top ranked business school for MBA, so make sure your good at answering few best questions to hit the floors. 

Take a look at few sample Mba Admissions Interview Questionnaire 

1. Why you have opted for this business school? 
2. How skilled are you in this field when compared to others? 
3. How passionate are you in contributing to our program? 
4. Can you describe your resume in brief? 
5. How do you define team work? Do you believe in team work? 
6. How do you handle pressure? 
7. How would look at your career in the coming years? 
8. Are you doing MBA just to have a degree? 
9. How good are you in handling a team of co-workers? 
10. What would you do if your rejected by this business school?