Sunday, July 21, 2013

Business Process Questionnaire

Business process questionnaire is for people looking to achieve there goals in there business the perfect way. Most people start a business just taking other business man as example and start the same business, which actually can lead to dropping the business in middle, as we need to have exact goal and passion for the business profit. These days business has become a toughest paradise, need to move with the competition, labor and many more things. 

Answering the business process questionnaire can get you exact picture on how you can start the business and achieve profits. You need to have exact answers and never look into IF and BUT answers. If your going to start a business you need to invest and then earn profits. Take a look at the few sample business process questionnaire.

Business Process Questionnaire Sample:

What is your current employment?
What is your experience in the field of business?
What relevance do you think technology companies?
Do you have expertise in various business processes?
Do you believe that business process is applicable in the real world?
How would you characterize the need for a clear corporate processes to be identified?

Extremely vital: ___________________

would make any difference: _________________

Is not lot of difference: ______________________

Does not matter at all: ________________

Assessing the quality of business processes in your organization.

Great: ___________

Right: _____________

Average: _____________

Bad: _______________

Very poor: _____________

State where a business process is mainly recognized and must be strictly followed. You can select more than one.

The Government: ________

Health Occupations: _______

Amusement industry: _______

Application of the law: ________

Education: ________

Transport: ________

Property: ________

Agriculture Sector: ________

Other (specify): ________

Do you think everyone needs a business process?