Saturday, 5 April 2014

Mortgage Loan Questionnaire Sample

Mortgage loan questionnaire is a application form prepare by the money lender, before providing the interest amount to the borrower. Mortgages are used for business purpose, where you as an individual have some sort of business and all of a sudden, you incur looses and have to keep the business into some ones hand.

For example you have a travel business and have about 5 own vehicles, when the business is not doing well, and need urgent money, what you do is contact a broker, the broker in turn contacts a money lender, the money lender pays you huge amount for the vehicles, you need to pay monthly interest for some years as signed in the bond, if the duration exceeds and unable to pay the principle amount, the money lender has right to own the vehicles himself.

Its business where you need to have knowledge on financial matters and before doing mortgage agreement once should have all the documents required to signed and make authoritative in future crisis. Mostly people prefer taking mortgage loans from trusted persons, though banks provide many kinds of loans, business people have to fill in documents and provided many identities and get verified by bank authorities, which really people feel this would be a long duration.

Mortgage Loan Questionnaire Sample:

Name: _____________________
Date of Birth: ____/____/____
Address: Street: ____________ City: ___________, State: ___________, ZIP Code: _____________
Working Phone Number: ______________
Social Security number:
Email Address: _____________________

Are you married?
Do you have any properties?
What kind of loan your looking for?
How much amount your expecting?
How much interest are you comfortable?
How many years would you like to mortgage?
Have you gone through the bank policies?
Under whose name would you like to take the agreement?
Do you have all the documents required?

Monday, 31 March 2014

Election Awareness Questionnaire

Election awareness questionnaire is a survey taken from the people of certain state or country to know exactly what people are thinking about the elections and how aware are they about the political leaders.

To be frank people make there own decisions, when it comes to elections they don't know exactly what to do except to vote for someone who they think are good at that point of time. Every citizen doesn't have the capacity to think of future, what they are require is to how well they will be helped by the selected party. If you take India as example..the worst political organized country as of now. It has got nothing to offer of people except to talk against other parties. People in different regions have different opinions on different leaders, so politicians have already decided how to treat each area of people.

How good to having a elections awareness questionnaire? How will it help people, can we really bring a change? Let me find how many can answer the best..

Do you think elections are most in every country?
How many countries have online voting systems?
How many countries pay money and buy public?
Do you thing voting to same party will help the country?
Do you thing a politician should be educated?
How many political leaders have kept there promises?
Do you think the society is changed by leaders?
How is the best politician, whom you think is the real people leader?
What qualities do you look to have in a politician?

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Nurse Job Satisfaction Questionnaire

Nurse job satisfaction questionnaire is a document or survey form provided to nurses to know the how satisfied they are with the job, either present or previous. A nurse is as important as mother to a child, with out a nurse there is no hospital or health care center. They help the doctors, help patients, take daily reports, plan medications and all most every work, have seen nurses doing over time when required.

What we need to look out here is to analyse the questionnaire make to see how to improve the nurse industry and lead a more satisfied life. Below are few sample questions.

Sample Nurse Job Satisfaction Questionnaire:

Name of the nurse: _________________
License no: ___________________
Length of service: _______ (years) _______ (months)
Address: _____________________________
State: ________
Zip: _________
Phone number: ______________
Email address: ______________

What are different nurse degrees or certifications you pursue?

Do you have a NLC?
What is your experience in nursing? Is this your first job?
If you have previously worked, was the job really satisfying?
How have you treated the patients?
Do you work with heart or just for money?
Do you know who is mother teresa?
Who is your role model?
Do you have any intention is become a higher nurse positions?
Have worked with children as well?
How do you treat the patients when sick?
Do you try learning medications from the doctors?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Online Interview Questionnaire

An online interview questionnaire is a online form which an job applicant should answer to get the job. The job can be in any sector, it could be software, IT related sports, fashion etc.. the questions would be related to the functional field you would like to work for. Here i will be providing samples related to IT.

The online interview questionnaire can contain questions related to personal, skills and updates on technology. Some times you many also be asked communication and interpersonal skills..mostly about English punctuations. So as a job applicant you need to posses all the knowledge.

Just a month ago i have attended an interview on digital marketing but the interview questions had nothing to do with my profile, but still i had to answer the questions, the times have changed and the interview patterns have changed.

Online Interview Questionnaire Sample



Contact number:


Current Employe:

Name of the company:


Have you work as an IT professional before?

For what reason have you left the previous job?

When did you leave the job?

Are you confident enough you will get a job in our company?

What are your strengths and weekness?

Your top skills that can help our organization?

How do you rate yourself in communication and interpersonal skills?

Monday, 24 March 2014

Technology Questionnaire

Technology questionnaire is a survey which can be conducted on students, children and parents. The main aim for this questionnaire is know the advantages and disadvantages for technology.

To me technology is not used with purpose, the youth has just been using the technology in a way for which it was not invented. Children are treating the technology has a gaming platform and digital devices as their toys. So what has technology given us…signals, waves, blasts, and destruction? I feel a mobile phone was made for people to communicate with ease, but the scenario has changed, where we are preparing mobile bombs.
What about the web, it has been given people some social media sites and make friends, play games, and all that we did physically all these days. We have lost the charm of natural life; play all your games online without sweating. By now 70% of humans are addicted to these screens and very difficult to ignore.

Technology Questionnaire Samples:

  1. Do you know exactly why technology was evolved?
  2. Are you using the technology with purpose?
  3. How many digital devices you have?
  4. Is the size of mobile enough or you still need a smaller one with all the functions?
  5. How many hours do you spend before computers?
  6. Do you allow your kids to play games?
  7. How often your families play games outdoor?
  8. What advantages have seen using the latest technology?
  9. Do you think the technology will help you cure every disease?
  10. If technology has all the power, then why are we unable to stop global warming?

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Digital Marketing Questionnaire

Digital Marketing questionnaire will provide a webmaster to analyse how to use digital devices in marketing about a product or service. People start different business worldwide and to advertise about the business, product or service you need to have a media to share with the world. Say when in 1990 when i was schooling i just had to see the tall boards with plenty of advertisements beside the roads. Which was so colorful and made me find about the advertisement asking a friend or some one working in that company.

Digital marketing is just the same concept but now advertising is made digital and an AD can be shared to millions with a single click. So you are making your product local and also geographically available. Which definitely increases your sales and your ultimately going to making profits. So the basic idea to create an ad which can be a text or graphic banner and share it with the world using media like websites, blogs, social media, bookmarks and videos and mostly take help of PPC advertising services from Google, yahoo and many more advertising networks.

In a practical way you create PPC camping paying $$$ to advertising services and asking them to share the ad on different sites. The other free ways are to use the social media like Facebook, twitter and google plus. The digital marketing executives are individuals who are going to actually do the background work, so make sure your creative and passionate about digital marketing, though you sit before a laptop and share things to world, what matters most for the owner is how he is making benefits from his business.

The questions below are aimed for digital marketing executives and SEO firms.

Digital Marketing Questionnaire Sample:

What is the main aim of digital marketing?
Are you looking to advertise the products world  wide?
Do you know which geographical location to target?
What age groups of people are looking to purchase product?
How much can you invest for advertising with large PPC ad service providers?
How many digital executives are required for your work?
Are you confident about utilizing the free resources for online marketing?
How do you handle the competition?
How much salaries are you going to spend on digital executives?

Internal Linking SEO Strategy Questionnaire

Internal Linking SEO Strategy Questionnaire: is for individual webmasters who need to improve there site ranking, traffic and pass link juice. These questionnaire is prepared on the basis of SEO (search engine optimization)

Internal linking in a website help users navigate our internal pages properly, basically an internal link is a html hyper link which points to a page in the same domain and spread the link juice, which means you’re linking to another page on the same domain. Internal linking is a link building strategy and a good search engine optimization technique for on page seo. Every webmaster should have immense knowledge on how you can increase the page views and traffic of the website using anchored internal linking. The SEO check list of any domain holds top priority for internal links.

Both word press and blogger sites have different plug-in for internal linking which automatically makes an anchor text in a content internally linked to another page. These plugins make your linking task easier without user interaction.  There are plenty of link building services available in market but as a good webmaster it’s always recommended to do the internal linking yourself, as you know which page on the same domain has good authority and establish site architecture.

Internal linking structure of a website is very important factor for ONPAGE SEO, as you need to know which links to integrate as Follow and NO Follow. This is very important aspect to consider when building links internally.

If an internal page has a good raking then make sure you have every new page written to provide link to the highly ranked page in the domain with different keyword.

The internal link building text should act as a useful resource for user, which can be linking to a useful categories and tags, which also play a major part in having a good bounce rate.

Linking to similar topic earns your good page views when compared to dissimilar topics

Having a separate sitemap navigation menu with internal links provides you with friendly search for both search engines and users.


  • It’s recommended not to have many same anchor text links pointing to internal pages in your domain.
  •  Don’t make every anchor text a NO Follow tag, as its important for Google to know the basic structure how well you have organized the content and making it useful for end-user.
  • Never assign the internal linking building to a SEO firm as there are chances that they build endless internal links to less authoritative pages, which can reduce the traffic and raking of your website in search engines.
  •  Never hide inbound links from Google for pages that are there main link navigation
  •  Never recommended to use image based or flash based navigations tools, as its not a easy spider indexing for any website.

Internal Linking SEO Strategy Questionnaire Sample:

  1.     What is internal linking?
  2.     Why do you use internal linking?
  3.     How good are you in linking good anchor text?
  4.     Do you know how to check authoritative pages and link to them?
  5.     What is link juice?
  6.     How to create a sitemap navigation menu on a website?
  7.     What kind of plugins have you used in creating automatic internal linking and was this plugin helpful in PR or traffic?
  8.     Do link to third party websites with no follow or do follow?
  9.     Do you know exactly when to use NO FOLLOW and follow links on a website?
  10.     Have you tried using the same anchor text for internal linking of all the new posts? was it helpful?
  11.     Do you look for page-view or bounce rate in association with internal linking of a domain or website?