Saturday, August 8, 2015

Questionnaire About Healthy Eating

What exactly is healthy eating? why most of the people are looking for healthy eating habits? All these could be answered using a questionnaire to an individual to know about there health and how eating is effecting there health.

Many online health professionals talk a lot about emotional eating and how it effects once health. We all have been used to eating food the emotional way where the digestion process is lowered. The main aim of health eating to know exactly what food is perfect of human body, when to eat, what to eat? With the technology developing so much and we are given more of our time to $$$ rather than food and family. When people are asked why they don't take care of there family, the only answer you receive is they need to money to make there family happy, in this process they loss everything.

So a healthy eating habit should be developed from childhood, parents should give at most important to the food consumed, and maintain a timing. So a questionnaire on healthy eating should be provided to every family and individuals who have neglected there eating habits. Lets check out few sample questions that can help you keep health safe.

Sample questionnaire about healthy eating:

What part of the country do you live in?
What food do farmers cultivate the most in your area?
Do you just eat the food grown up in your area?

[ Our ancestors always eat the food which they was cultivated or grown near to them. When people eat the food they is grown near to them, they are 100% healthy, then eating the food they are far away, these days we eat food that is far away, which is transported. The food actually grows according the soil, climate and water in particular area, so when you eat the food that grows nearer to you, its helps digestion and provides energy.]

Do you maintain timings when eating food? When do you take your breakfast, lunch and dinner?

What are you water habits? How many liters of water do you consume in a day?

How fast do you eat food, do you chew or just eat it?

Do you drink any soft-drinks while having the food?

Do you consume more non-veg, chicken, meat, beef, etc every day?

Do you like junk food? If so how many times in a week do you eat junk food?

Do you eat at home or most of the time love eating at hotels or bakeries?

How many times in a day do you have coffee and tea?

Do you love ice-creams, if so how many times in a week do you eat?

What about diary products? How many times in a week do you drink milk?

Are you addicted to eat the same food every day?

Have you ever eaten food that is cooked in pots?

Do you eat raw vegetables?


This questionnaire can be used by every individual as i food is what makes you body and mind. So when you know what is healthy eating you will be without a problem. A few question may look odd, but that fact is when people eat food cooked in pots they had the proteins and vitamins carried in the food, but the processed food we eat these day just carry 10-20% nutrients.

When you eat raw vegetables the digestion happens two times faster when compared to cooked vegetables. So answer these questions and you will have an idea of where you are going wrong. Any questions you have, please leave a comment.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Questionnaire About Abortion

An abortion questionnaire is a form that has to be provided by a hospital or a abortion center which will ensure to operate an abortion only after the detailed information is filled by the patient. Abortion in most of the countries is illegal by the county laws, but in most of the places its legal. I place where its illegal or has restriction its always the duty of the doctors to get the abortion questionnaire filled and signed by the patient.

An abortion questionnaire should have complete list of questions, that can help the doctors go ahead with abortion process without any trouble. As in most of the cases hospitals have to inform the parent of the female child. So its good to have a questionnaire in front. Start the questionnaire with questions on personal information about the girl and boy, and then the family information. Check out the sample questionnaire below and help design a best questionnaire form for abortion.

Sample Questionnaire About Abortion:

Your name along with surname.
What your age?
Male or female?
What is your religion?
Is this the first time your are getting abortion?
Do you have any issues with abortion?
What is your boy friends name?
Where do you come from (location)?
Where do your parents live? How old are they?
Have you informed your parents about abortion?
Write down your complete present and permanent address?
Does your religion object getting abortion?
Do you have any other health related issues?
Do you agree to sign the form?
Who will take care of you after abortion?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sample Questionnaire: Product Safety Questionnaire

A product safety questionnaire is required by any company to finalize the safety measures of their product before reaching the market. The product may be developed by you but to check the safety precaution for the product you need to send the product to another team who are experts in analyzing the safety measures.

For example if you take a Smartphone manufactured from a large company should analyze many things before distributing in the market, safety precautions is one the most needed testing so that the customer are safe from accidents. All most every product manufactures should reverence the safety of the product before selling to customers. Below are few sample questionnaire format that would help companies get more information regarding the safety of the product.

Sample Produce Safety Questionnaire

Name of the department:
Product type:
Product model:
Use of the product:

Which age groups can use this product?
What is the product main purpose?
Is the metal used in product safe?
When the battery is heated the mobile should be safe?
Users should never be able to make a call or answer a call when the mobile is charging?
What exactly do you want our technical team to look into the product?
Do you want the smartphone screen to be a bit thicker?
Do you need two different slots for battery charging?
Do you want the mobile weight to be lighter?
Do you want to make the mobile water and dust proof?
Does the processor used currently support every high end game?
Can latest apps be run on the current processor?
Is the internal memory sufficient for normal usage?
Do you wish to add any of the new features that your competitors are using?

Sample Questionnaire: Interview Behavioral

A behavioral questionnaire is a set questions prepared by an interviewer to know more about the employee behavior toward work, coworkers and higher authorities. It’s a way to judge the candidate according to his behavior towards customer, as behavior is important aspect of any individual. The behavioral questions should be straight forward a bit different from the normal job interview questions.

This kind of questionnaire is mostly taken by companies that deal with customer, clients, vendors or even critical server management sectors. Most of the customer can only come back to you when you value them; the value is achieved through attitude, behavior, manners and patience. So when drafting a questionnaire make sure to prepare questions that are bit confusing but getting to know more how a candidate can handle pressure. Take a look at the few sample interview behavioral questions.

Sample Interview Behavioral Questionnaire:

Name of the employee:
Current work:
Mobile No:

What made you resign the previous job when you had a good salary?
Do you work for money or passion to work?
When there are plenty of jobs paying higher salaries, why did you choose customer support?
Have you ever handled irate customer? If yes, why do you think a customer get irated?
Have you solved any customer issues logically? If yes, let describe the incident?
You said you had to reach targets in previous job? How did you go ahead in achieving the goals?
Who would you face challenges in life?
Do you think risk is necessary aspect in customer support?
Have you ever made a mistake? How did you answer the manager and quality team when asked for an explanation?
Night shifts are toughest, how did you handle the stressful shifts?
What is your definition of pressure? Do you think pressure is a part of any job profile?
How do you personally handle pressure?
There are times when you don’t meet deadlines? How do you handle such kind of situations?
Have you ever had an issue with your team leader?
What was the best and worst feedback given by customer?
Do you prepare yourself well in advance before going to work place?
Do you raise high priority issues to your managers?
What really motivated you to work as customer support executive?
In case you don’t know the solution of an issue, do you research it yourself or head toward your boss?
What do you do when you don’t have call’s to answer customers?
In case of emergency your company doesn’t accept leave, what do you do in such situations?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Questionnaire: Life Insurance

A questionnaire on life insurance is a key element in getting the detailed info about an individual applying for life insurance in a private bank or public bank. Life insurance has got its own benefits has it cover your life, most of the private sectors cover life insurance for certain period of time. Every insurance company has its own way of dealing with life insurance, every company’s insurance plans and policies differ and it’s always good to have a questionnaire before the client applies for life insurance. Below are few sample questions that could help you understand what the client is actually looking for.

Sample Life Insurance Questionnaire:

Take personal details:

Name of the individual:
Date of Birth:
Marital status:
Educational Background:
Current Work Details:
Source of Income:
Type of Job:
Family Income (monthly):
Land Line:
Email ID:
Working company ID:
Social Security ID:
Birth Place:
Driver's License:
Permanent residence Card:

Do you have life insurance in other banks? If so which sector [Public] or [Private]?

Specify the bank names in which you have taken insurance?

How did you get to know about our bank and insurance?

As of now how many insurance policies you have?

If this is your first life insurance, how many lives do you want to insurance?

Do you have an idea about revocable and irrevocable beneficiaries?

Do any of your family members have insurance policies? If so what policies they have?

Do you know for how many years you need pay the premium amount?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Financial Needs Assessment Questionnaire

A financial needs assessment Questionnaire can help an agency or organization to get a snap shot of where the client is financially today. The questionnaire is designed by a financial specialist who helps client know where they are today and where they should be. The questionnaire contains questions regarding income protection, long term plans, investments, how to merge the gap and top objective priorities to reach the financial goal.

Every company does need to know who to prioritize there financial goals, it’s an assessment in evaluating the financial needs, barriers and resources. Go through the sample financial needs assessment questionnaire to get an idea of how to draft a new one to get best analysis for a client.

Sample Financial Needs Assessment Questionnaire:

Client Name:

What are your financial objectives?
What are your priorities in reaching the financial goals?
Do you have an insurance program for the business or family?
Do you have any personal savings?
What is your savings percentage towards your family?
Didn't you have any difficulties in savings money?
Where have you invested the money?
Did you receive the returns for the investments made?
How old is your business?
From when exactly did you start facing the financial problems?
Have you used any financial strategies to gain profits?
Have you reached the correct audiences in sharing your service or product?
Do you know about the financial benefit plans your business could get?
Have you taken any loans for business or family?
Who looks after your financial reports?
Right now, what are your top priorities?
Do you have any partners in this business?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sleep Apnea Questionnaire

Sleep apnea questionnaire is a form with a set of questions prepared by doctors or specialist to better understand the patient’s problem and to treat in an appropriate way.

Sleep apnea is a disorder where people suffer from less oxygen levels in the body and more level of carbon dioxide. This is mostly caused due to heave weight, the numbers of apnea cases have been increased from last 5 years, both males and females have been suffering with the problem.  Plenty of cases have been found in India, America and UK.  Sleep apnea has no medicine, doctors have had just one solution, they ask the patience’s to use anti-snore device. The no snore or anti-snore devices should be attached to the patience every night in sleep.

The common symptom of sleep apnea is, whenever you sleep you start to snore heavily, the mucus gets secreted in the throat and the intake of oxygen to the body is stopped, this makes the carbon dioxide stay in the body, causing damage to all organs. Firstly, all organs starts to bulge, kidney, lungs, and digestive track is affected. Very soon you will feel sleepy all the time and there are chances of stokes and brain tumor, as sufficient blood is not passed to the brain.

The causes are many, but apnea is caused by people who are overweight, bad food habits, and sleeplessness. The best way to treat apnea is to reduce weight natural way, eat a lot of boiled vegetables, reduce fried and oily food, take fruits like watermelon, papaya, cucumber and fiber foods. The best treatment is to take tulasi leaves (Ocimum tenuiflorum) every morning and yoga asana.

Sample Sleep Apnea Questionnaire

Are you feeling sleepy or dizzy all the time?
Do you have breathing problems?
Have you ever received chest pains?
Do you suffer from sudden headaches?
Are you habituated eating food outside?
How many times a day do you eat?
What do you like eating most?
What is your weight?
Do you have gastric trouble?
Do you take coffee every day?
How many hours do you sleep?
Do you snore a lot every night?
Do you wake up suddenly with insufficient oxygen?
Do you smoke alcoholic, tobacco?
Have you practiced any diet programs to reduce weight?
Do you have any other health problems, like BP, sugar, etc..?
Do you take pills every day for other health complications, if so how many do you take?