Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pancreatitis Questionnaire

Pancreatitis is a dangerous disease which is a worrying factor of future, as there is not perfect medicine for pancreatic. The disease has been increasing gradually every year and the cases have reached high since 2010.

Pancreatitis comes in different types but the major problem is that it can sometimes be a deadly disease, it attacks pancreas and pancreas is located next to liver and produces juices for digestion of food. Every part is important for the metabolism of the body to work fine; when the pancreas is damaged the food can’t be digested.

Normally pancreatitis means, some kind of fat substance covers the pancreas and will not allow passing on the juices to food. When the fat is formed, you will experience severe pain on the upper portion of stomach and it will pass on to whole stomach, whichever side you move you will feel the pain.

The cause of pancreatitis can be many but the major ones are, people having too  much dairy products, drinking whisky, brandy, rum in raw, which I mean adding very less water, eating too much of Non-veggies and packed food. 

One of my friend who had pancreatitis struggled for two days with pain, the when the blood test was done it was told as Pancreatitis. He was then advised by his uncle to take Homeopathy treatment and he was just fine in a week of time. I feel Homeopathy is cheap but works great.

After researching a lot it was identified as people worldwide eat burgers and pizzas with lot of butter and cheese added, the butter has more fat elements and which is the main problem of pancreatitis, it good to have more veg soups and veggie leaves. The other major cause is people eating tobacco, some chew the tobacco and some keep it in mouth for hours, this reduces the saliva production and causes pancreatic.

Pancreatitis Questionnaire Sample:

Do you know what Pancreatitis is?
How many types of Pancreatitis?
What are the symptoms of Pancreatitis?
What are your daily food habits?
Do you have habit of tobacco, alcohol?
Do you wish to have cheese/ butter with all the food you take?
How many days in a week you have beef, meat and chicken?
Do you have boiled vegetables along with the regular food?
Do you sleep every day for at least 8 hours?
How many hours do you sit before computer? Do you have a clean keyboard?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Business Consulting Questionnaire

A business consulting questionnaire helps a consultant get the overall picture of how he could help the consulting company with ease.  There are different types of consultants throughout the world,  every consultant works on his own choice,  we have marketing, IT, business, Career, Journalism, Banking and many more consulting firms where they help and individual or client in getting to start a new company or getting to gain profits in the existing company.

Being a consultant you should always give the clients the best deal, when you have a best questionnaire prepared for the clients, then you can for sure get along with the clients requirements with ease.  Few questions should be maintained as standard and other keep changing according to the client’s company type.

Business Consulting Questionnaire should expect to have long answers to the questions provided, because the consultant should understand the needs of the client before giving an advice. So make sure the some standard questions are always put on top.  A questionnaire plays a major role for a consultant as he has to work on different case studies in helping the company. Take a look at the sample questionnaire for business consulting.

Business Consulting Questionnaire Sample:

Client Name:
Person approached:
How did you come to know about the consulting firm?
What is the Name of your Business?
How old is your business?
Who are your partners?
Who handles all the operations?
What made you approach me?
Do you what me to help you start a new business or develop the business with profits?
Did you face the losses recently or from the beginning?
What are your products and service?
How are your competitors in this business?
Do you think you can only exist in this business if you can beat your competitor?
How many branches do you have?
Which branches need to be handled properly?
Have you taken any advice prior to me?
Have you invested in any other 3rd party companies?
How much time do you think is good to recover your business?
Please specify in details about your requirements?
If I need information regarding marketing, finance, sales, staff, CEO, managers etc..Who is the best person I can communicate with?
Did any client leave your company? If so how many and for want reasons? Mention exact reasons

Online Shopping Questionnaire

An online shopping questionnaire is a shopping survey to be known by every individual when purchasing an item online on the internet, almost all the products from food to cloths are now available online and can be ordered the best item you like. The questionnaire helps you know what exactly you need to know when making an online purchase.

Normally you just visit a online shopping portal and you go ahead with the order, do you really know if the site is safe, will the item be ordered in time, shopping on internet using debit, credit or checks. You should also make sure that the online shopping portals provide further support. You may order a PC online, but what if it arrived with some missing accessories, so you have to be proactive and safe while doing online shopping. Go through the online questionnaire below to get more knowledge on online shopping. 

You can now shop grocery, vintage, curtains, skateboard, Christmas, jewelry, boutique shows and many more. When you open a shopping site in your country you mostly get all the shopping sites which are hosted locally and like if you search for some product in UK, you receive sites with uk online shopping, Indian online shopping if you open in India. You can search for online store ratings before going for the purchase, when the rating is high you can easily say that the site is secured and safe. If you are without a credit and debit cards you can search for shopping sites which accept checks. 

Online Shopping Questionnaire Sample

Do you have an idea about online shopping behavior?
Mostly what items you love to shop online? 
Do you have debit and credit cards?
Do you know websites that accept checks for online shopping?

Do you know the best online shopping sites for women?
Do you know what ids online shop is?
Before shopping what are the prerequisites you look in?
Which shopping sites provide online technical support?
Do you know about online bargain shopping?
What is the use of coupons for online shopping?
Do you know about online discount shopping?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Child Labor Questionnaire Sample

The child labor questionnaire is a short piece of survey taken by people in various countries who entertain child labor in large means; most of Asian countries have made it a habit of hiring children to do labor activities for free of cost. Many houses and business in India have child labors, though the government has banned the activities, but still we can find this happening in many places, either in a house or business.

In India it has been an old practice of hiring children along with their parents to work. People have been protesting against child labor and it really didn't change the scenario in Asian countries. When the little kids need to get educated in schools, they are spending their whole time working like slaves. The primary reason we can say is, India has got poor and illiterate people in many of the villages, if one takes a closer look you will find houses where they eat once a day. When the situation is so bad, parents have no other option, rather than joining as labor in a house or business. The ideology of poor people is that, at least there kids can have food working as slaves.

The government should really make a move on to eradicate child labor, as the country is missing out a young talent, who can be a scientist in the future. If possible the government they can take the initiative in taking care of such kids, no country is a poor one, it’s just the politicians acting as poor. The government should make many awareness programs mainly in the villages. Giving advertisements in television is a waste of time, money, as the people in villages hardly have television sets to watch.

Child Labor Questionnaire Sample

Do you know what child labor is?
Do you think child labor should stop?
What are the disadvantages of child labor?
What if you see someone encouraging child labor?
Did you ever speak to the kids and parents about child labor?
Have you tried filling a complaint about child labor?
Would you like to see your children into educations or work as slaves?
Do you think the child working will useful to the country?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sample Questionnaire Biomedical Waste Management

The Biomedical Waste Management questionnaire is a survey to be taken by chemical manufactures, pharmaceutical companies, small scale chemical manufacturers and hospitals.  Biomedical waste management is very important for everyone to understand, it has dangerous effects on the society.
Biomedical wastes are substances that are used and thrown away in the trash. Medical items are thrown away after use and there no proper way to recycle them or not to get in touch with the environment.

Sample Questionnaire Biomedical Waste Management

Hospital Name

Do you have an idea about Biomedical Waste Management?
Do you have awareness of Biomedical Waste Management?
What are the types of medical wastes collection?
What material is used for collection?
How much is the average waste collected per day?
How much money and manpower have you invested in Biomedical Waste Management?
Describe how the wastes are disposed? Chemical wastes, Sharps, Infectious, radio active etc
How many people are responsible for the Biomedical Waste Management?
Do you train people to handle the wastes?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hotel Management Career Questionnaire

Hotel Management Career questionnaire is a survey taken before an individual makes his career into hotel management field. Answering the questionnaire should bring out what exactly an individual requires to know about hotel management and if it’s perfect for his career.

Hotel management has different section of subjects to deal with and every person should have his own goal, there are chef’s, managers, administrators, services, waiters, labors, cleaners etc. If you’re really interested in cooking then you can chose the chef’s field. It all depends on how well you can handle a work and enjoy your duties.

Once you’re done with Hotel Management diploma or graduation you have a easy chance of working in different industries, like air force, railways, hotels, restaurants, cruise etc… mostly the air force and cruise are paid higher than others.  Hotel management also allows you to setup your own food business, being studied you will have an idea on how to start and where to start a hotel. You can easily make profits as your already well know with the subject. Below are few sample questions that allows you to plan your hotel management questionnaire for better career.

Hotel Management Career Questionnaire Sample:

Do you really love the hotel management studies or you have been forced by someone else?
If you love, which colleges have you applied for the course?
How much are you willing to pay for the hotel management training?
How passionate are you about cooking, serving, cleaning etc?
Are you planning to launch a new food or hotel business after the course completion?
Do you want to study a full time or part time course?
Do you have enough resources to join the school?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SEO Manager Questionnaire

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) manager questionnaire is a form with set of questions for the manager to analyze the daily SEO activities going on in a company. The questions prepared should be based on all online activates to monitor both the employee’s work and online traffic.

SEO managers are one who really has to work hard in making an online profitable business. Every company has the need for SEO manager to take care of over all activities of web portals, every organization today have web sites to represent them online.  SEO manager’s main aim is to satisfy the client’s needs, people start a website to either advertise their products or services, to reach the end user.

For example a client launch’s an E-commerce website and wants targeted traffic with people purchasing his products.  He approaches the SEO companies to help him advertise and increase the sales of his products. The SEO managers should have different strategies for different websites.

SEO Manager Questionnaire Samples:

How do you define SEO?
What strategies do you follow in order to make a profitable business?
How many clients can you handle?
Do you have available resources to handle large clients?
How do you motivate your team in getting the best results?
Do you monitor the SEO data on daily or weekly basis?
What kind of tools do you use to implement your strategies?
Do make changes according to the Google algorithm?
Do you work 24/7?
How satisfied are your clients?
How do you utilize SMO in increasing the traffic of the websites?
How effectively do to start an advertising campaign?