Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Relationship Questionnaire

Relationship questionnaire is a survey to know how your relation stands in the society, family and friends. Relationship stands out to be successful attribute of human life to make a healthy leaving in the society, maintaining good relationship with fellow humans is the best way to achieve happiness.

Many ask what healthy relationship is. A healthy relationship is basically to know who is who, how to respect elders, one should act according to the relation he has with his wife, mom, sister, bother, uncle, friends, etc. A healthy relationship never hurt anyone, it also depends on who much you love the relation with others, one should always look to give love, rather than waiting for others to love you.

The relations should be very compatible, but the relations have changed a lot these days, you really are never mattered how hard your father earns and how hard your mothers works, all that matters is you want to reluctantly spend the money for useless needs. There are less girls or boy’s who helps there mom at home. The relationships have been so damaging that people have been trying to make marriages on agreement basis, which is not a true love.

The gay marriages in one worst part of human species, when the creator has created opposite sexes, what made people think gay marriages are best? We are truly going against the rules, but taking them for granted.

Not only the youth, even parents have no time to spend with their kids, even infants are not milk feed for more than a year, an infant who is feed for 3 years will never have any health related issues and will have great immune power.  Most of the parents are more convenient in placing their kids in child centers or play schools. Children also does the same when they grow up, they put their parents in old age home.

Sample Relationship Questionnaire

Do you maintain relationships in life or love to leave alone?
How often do you wish to stay with your relatives?
When your parents scold, do you feel they are trying to correct you?
Do you help your parents at home?
How much do you care about your family?
Did you every help your friends in education?
How many times have you tried impressing girls or boys?
How you ever lie your parents?
Did you ever cheat your girl friend?
Did you love spending time with family or friends?
Do you have the habit of sharing every matter with your friends?
How do you take care of your kids? Teach them just education or life.
Did you avoid anyone you loved? If so what is the reason?
Do you always quarrel with your siblings for no reason?
How good is relationship with your boss?
How soon do you get upset when you quarrel with your wife?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Campaign Feedback Questionnaire

A campaign feedback questionnaire or survey is a form used by many companies these days to get connected with the customer, to know if they have completed the campaign successfully. The feedback is like recalling the customer and letting him know if the campaign is making profits for his business. Companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and many social media organizations have been in the advertising campaign business for years, they assist you in advertising your service or products reach the targeted customers.

A profitable campaign is one which is effortlessly recalled by the audiences and moreover, it gives you a detailed idea to an advertising company about the weaknesses and strengths of their campaign. The feedback survey or questionnaire will help companies extemporize and control their weaknesses.

Campaign Feedback Questionnaire Sample:

What is your profession?
How successful have you been with the campaign?
Did your product or service achieve the goal advertising this campaign?
Any dislikes on the campaign?
How different is the campaign from others?
Rate the campaign on the basis of aptness
How do you rate, the campaign on the basis of creativity?

Friday, August 22, 2014

IT Project Feedback Questionnaire

IT (Information Technology) project feedback questionnaire is feedback questionnaire prepared by the IT team in order to get to know about the feedback of the client. When you finish the IT project and delivering to the client, giving a feedback questionnaire form always make you get to know the areas you need to improve for the next coming projects.

The feedback can really be helpful to improve different section of IT and keep focusing on profiting the business for the company. The questions should be very easy for clients to understand also should mention not to hesitate in giving any negative feedback.

IT Project Feedback Questionnaire Sample:

Project Name
Project description
How do you rate the project?
Rate the team work and efforts put in the project?
How satisfied are you with the project?
Was the project completed in given time?
How was the quality of the project?
Did you have any issues coordination with any of our employees?
Did you still think we still need to do any modifications?

Phone Interview Questionnaire

A Phone interview has become a common mode of interview these days. It allows you to sit anywhere and answers the questions. Basically the phone interviews are selected when a employer whats to utilize less resources and select the right candidate for the physical appearance, now the recruiters are also taking phone interviews if the candidates are far away and looking for a relocation.

Most of the questions asked are very easy as the employer requires to know about the exact skills, tools, and suitable profile. If you really have the skills then he will call you back for the physical appearance of the interview. For students who are ready to face the phone interview questionnaire, here are some questions that will help you in advance in answering with clear voice.

Phone Interview Questionnaire Sample:

Few words about yourself
Where are you working currently?
How many years of experience do you have in this field?
Whats your designation in the current job?
Tell about your daily activities?
Professional skills you have?
How did you get to about us?
How you gone thought our company site and requirements?
Why do you think your perfect for this position?
What is your educational back ground?
How do you handle pressure?
If your hired, when can you join us?
Are ready for relocation?

Model Survey Questionnaire

Modeling has become a good source of earning in fashion industry; the model survey questionnaire is highly required when there is a need for the models to be selected in for a contest. The model survey information is stored by modeling agencies.

The typical questions should be asked first in the questionnaire and the contact information is necessary. The model survey questions should ‘yes’ or ‘no’, single word answers. Take a look at the sample questionnaire for models.

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Contact Address
  4. Mobile Numbers
  5. Email & Social media IDs
  6. Are you a fresher or experienced in modeling?
  7. If experienced how many years of experience do you have?
  8. Are you connected with any modeling agency?
  9. Hair color
  10. Eye color
  11. Skin Tone
  12. Height and weight
  13. What are your work rates?
  14. Measurements of Thighs, Waist, Chest, Shoulder, Hips, Arms, Bust line
  15. Do you have body arts or tattoos?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Directions questionnaire Sample | Questionnaire Directions

Directions questionnaire is a document which is used in allegation of court cases where 2 parties need to complete the direction questionnaire to give detailed information about the assertion and approximate amount in dispute. This questionnaire could be an n180 or n181 form for small claims.

This court forms is required by the court for case management. The court requires the parties to be settled before the hearing. When the court issues a deadline, the directions questionnaire must be submitted, there are 2 types of questionnaire one is fast track and other is multi track. Go through the sample directions questionnaire.

Directions questionnaire Sample:

I confirm that I have clarified to my client the need to try to settle; the options available; and the possibility of costs sanctions if they refuse to try to settle.

Given that the rules require you to try to settle the declaration before the hearing, do you want to attempt to settle at this stage?

 If Yes, do you want a one month stay?

If you answered ‘No’ to question 1, please state below the reasons why you judge it unacceptable to try to settle the claim at this stage.

The claim has been issued in the High Court. Do you consider it should stay there?

Is there any explanation why your claim needs to be heard at a court or hearing centre?

Have you made any submission (s) in this claim?

Have you reached contract, either using the Electronic Documents Questionnaire in Practice Direction 31B or otherwise, about the scope and extent of disclosure of electronic documents on each side?

Which eyewitness of fact do you intend to call at the trial or final hearing including, if appropriate, yourself?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Position Analysis Questionnaire

Position Analysis Questionnaire is a questionnaire prepared by companies before providing a position for an individual in getting a job. It’s basically evaluating a job applicant’s skills and knowledge, how suitable the applicant is for the required position.

When a company’s looks in recruiting a job applicant or change the work position of a person already working, they analyze them according to standards. For example if you’re recruiting an individual for a new position, you cannot just evaluate viewing his CV or previous experience, you have to evaluate according to your company needs. If they skills are matching your requirements and you need other skills that will suite his position, then you can provide a training session before the applicant hits the floor.   The same will go with the employee already working for certain position and you need him to move to a senior position, in such cases you need to analyze proving a position questionnaire.

This is a good practice for small to large companies that wants their employees to give 100% output. While preparing such questionnaire one needs to have advanced knowledge on what they are looking for in a person. Just preparing the questions looking at the online template will ruin position and indirectly will cause best position process for any designation. The sample questions provided below will help you set the right position analysis.

Position Analysis Questionnaire Sample:

How do you think you’re suitable for this position?

Have you previously been in such position?

What tasks can you handle perfectly if given a chance to work in this position?

How would you differentiate from others in this position?

Do you consult your superiors regarding any issue or solve it yourself?

How soon can you resolve an issue?

Do you just love working in such position or take the position with a purpose?

Are you comfortable with the present position?

How can you increase the growth of the company, after assigning this role?

Will the company be benefited from the new position you have acquired?

Do you feel the overall skills you have will best suite the position your heading?

Do you feel you need to still have advanced skills?

Do you think few training class would help you feel comfortable for this position?

Will you be able to handle the pressure taking the senior position?