Monday, August 8, 2011

IT customer satisfaction questionnaire

IT customer satisfaction questionnaire

As we all know IT stands for information technology. Since 1990 the IT field has revolutionized. Things which make up an IT filed are computer software, computer hardware, coding language and MIS. People working with this designation need to provide there output using an IT customer satisfaction questionnaire.

IT customer satisfaction questionnaire can be used for internal employees as well as end users. When people purchase product to vendor specific, ex: dell, HP etc. they do receive some problem with the products, hence they try to contact the customer support. They customer support could be given via phone, email or chat. Once the session is finished, the user should receive an IT customer satisfaction questionnaire. Which will be an online form containing questions regarding customer satisfaction.

Giant leader like Microsoft and IBM and many more company’s take a short survey when you try to visit there sites. They just want to know if the user was satisfied with the article or application. They are basically yes/no. When it comes to software or application deployment, where the IT customer satisfaction questionnaires place a major part, they will allow programs and developers to analyze them self better. We see lot of user going for remote assistance, where desktop or server engineers remotely log in to other computers in order to resolve there issue. Once they are done with the assistance, the users will receive a customer satisfaction questionnaire. 

Any business can only grow with customer satisfaction and to make an analysis you need a customer satisfaction questionnaire.

Few IT customer satisfaction questionnaire samples:

  1. Are you satisfied with the overall service?
  2. Is this is first time your receiving this problem?
  3. Did our support assist you in all means?
  4. Which support was helpful, chat, email or phone?
  5. How would you rate out customer support executive?
  6. Did you face any technical difficulties in come online?
  7. How much iteration did it take to resolve your issue?
  8. Is your issue totally or partially resolved?
  9. Did this article really help you?
  10. Please share us any improvements to be made?