Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Motivation Questionnaire

Motivation Questionnaire is to drive force in every one to move with zeal and optimistic note in every situation of one’s life.  Normally these days we prepare online Motivation Questionnaire for 2 different sections, one for the worker and another for managers or higher authorities. The best part of this questionnaire is to know if there are true leaders to lead the business or company. The workers part questionnaire is used to show if they are really motivated by the company. 

Ultimately motivating any one will get you positive results. Preparing Motivation Questionnaire is bit tricky as you may need to know the internal structural design of a business or company.  Once the Feedback form is prepared make sure it reaches every individual of the company. Go through some best sample Motivation Questionnaire below:

1. Do you realize how motivation can help?
2. What are your motivation principals?
3. How do you get results from every worker?
4. Best things that motivate your staff?
5. Do employees feel sanctioned/ authorized?
6. How do you deal with constructive criticism?
7. Do you believe in team work?
8. Are the motivational goals changed every year?
9. How do you check of both internal and external feedback of the company?
10. What are skills a great leader should posses?