Sunday, October 28, 2012

Food Questionnaire

Food questionnaire is one important survey done on public to know what food is consumed. Every place and country has different food habits. It’s always important to prepare this food questionnaire questions according to place we live in. for example you take India, where south part of India consumes more rice and dairy products and north consumes less. When you take countries like UK and USA they love to have burgers and pizzas, we can say fewer vegetarians. Food questionnaire survey should be designed with all this in mind. We can’t survive without food and taking this survey can give us enough idea where we are going wrong. As food is what keeps us healthy. You can also do the same Food questionnaire for kids. As kids always love eating more chocolates and few kids get tooth decay very quickly.

One type of food that has become common in every place is fast food. With busy life style we love ordering fast food stuff which is half boiled and hard for the stomach to digest. Most of them stopped cooking in homes and totally relaying on hotels and fast food centers. The human body was build with some restrictions, when human race existed there were just trees with fruits to eat and nothing else. Now the life style is totally different, where we look in for the taste buds to be satisfied. We can also prepare a questionnaire fast food separately for fast food lovers.

Food Questionnaire Questions

Do you eat more or less?
How often you have your food?
Do you love to cook?
What do you love to eat?
Do you prefer veg or non-veg?
Do you know what unhealthy food means?
Have you ever had problems when you eat certain type of food?
Do you love eating in home or outside?
Do you love eating fast food stuff?
What is your time gap between breakfast and lunch?
What would you love to have for breakfast?
How many liters of water do you consume per day?
Do you eat with everyone or alone?
Do you consume alcohol every day?
Most loved vegetables?
Do you drink water as soon as you finish your meal?
Did you ever have gastric trouble?