Friday, December 14, 2012

Tourism Questionnaire

Tourism Questionnaire Sample

Tourism questionnaire is generally framed in the marketing prospective. These tourism questionnaires are in fact considered as feedback forms the customers who visit the destination. The tourist questionnaire will target on asking questions about their experience at the destination. The tourism industry should constantly know about the satisfaction of the customers for the services provided by them. The tourism industries use this tourism questionnaire to as marketing tool to beat the competition in the industry. The objective of this tourism questionnaire is to attract more customers to the destination. Customer satisfaction is very important for the tourism industry to sustain and the tourism questionnaire helps a lot in this regard.

Rather than asking every single individual about the feedback, tourism industry has opted out tourism questionnaire to enhance their services according to the changing visitor requirements. They may also use this tourism questionnaire to know the frequency of visits of the customers and the location where high number of visitors come from. This will help the tourism destination management to make the changes according to traditions of high number of visitors location.

Type of questions asked in the tourism questionnaire include

What is the reason for visit?
What is the period of trip(days and nights you spend)?
How frequently do you visit the area?