Sunday, January 13, 2013

Parent Child Relationship Questionnaire

Parent Child Relationship Questionnaire is to examine how the relationship between a father/ mother and their children persists. There are also sibling relationship questionnaire and relationship questionnaire Bartholomew but they are totally different from the relation of a parent and child. 

The questionnaire can be made a funny way or when there is a problem between parents and their kids.

Children’s require great love and attention from their parents. If parents are looking to make there life’s just for earning and not taking care of children, now the mindset of the child moves on with friends or activities which are not the best for kids. The relationship should be like a fish and water and not like fish and fisher man. Parents are the best teacher, schools and colleges teach you knowledge for career and parents need to teach about life. Children get habituated many things in tender ages, whatever they see or hear will sit in their brains forever. So it’s important for parents to maintain a healthy relationship with children.

Parent Child Relationship Questionnaire can really give the best answers of how family relations are moving in the world. You need to draft questions which can give you right feedback to make an analysis further. 

Sample Parent Child Relationship Questionnaire:

How many hours do parents spend time with children?
Are the duties lift to just mother or even father takes care of children?
When parents move to office, where are the children kept?
Do you have a maid to feed and take care of kids?
Do you educate your kids once they return from schooling?
How do you help children in connecting with elders in family?
Do you make an outing with kids every week?
When children ask you questions do you try to provide the solution?
Being a father, do you smoke or consume alcohol before your children?
Do you help them go devotional way?