Thursday, January 3, 2013

Questionnaire For Finance

Financial questionnaire is a finance survey done to analysis the financial needs of a company. The profits and losses of a company depend on many factors but the primary one has to finance department.

It’s the finance department that has to make new investments and bring in profits to a company. When a new project is taken is the finance department that has to evaluate and analysis how the project can profit the company.

When preparing a questionnaire for finance many things need to taken into consideration. Things we need to look for are the how much does the budget are we going to spend, how much profit will we get, number of people we need to recruit for the project and many more. The survey should be made to them and the company manager should approve.

Sample Finance Questionnaire 

Name: _________________________________________________________

Employment Number: ____________________________________________
Do you think the company has enough funds in taking the new project?
Do we have any issues with any other departments?
What other expenditure do we have to spend?
Is the new project profitable for the company?
How many people do we need to recruit?
How many trainers do we require?
Is the project a long term or contract based?