Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sample Best Friend Questionnaire

Best Friend Questionnaire

A best friend questionnaire is to know everything about your friend; you can draft the questionnaire in a funny way to know about his personal interests. 

Friendship means sharing. A friend is one who stays with you in happiness and sorrow. The Friend Questionnaire can have questions related to his family, likes, music, birthday etc. you can prepare this questionnaire in minutes and have a great friendship day. 

Sample Best Friend Questionnaire 

Full name:________________________ 
What is your favorite color? 
Things you hate to do? 
What are your future goals? 
Who was you first and best girl friend? 
Do you like to improve yourself on? 
Do you keep promises? 
What is the music you love the most? 
Sports you play a lot. 
People you hate? 
Do you love your parents? 
Do you help your mom in house? 
Do you share your school activates with your sister or brother? 
Do you love reading, writing or listening? 
Do you games online? 
Do you remember your friend’s mobile number and email ids?