Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sample Career Questionnaire For Students

Career Questionnaire For Students

Career Questionnaire for Students is prepared for students who are moving from schooling to college. The main purpose of this questionnaire is to know on what subjects the student is interested and how well can he move forward with his career. 

Students around the world blindly take decisions listening to their friends or family. These questions should contain questions which can make the student feel how he can chose the right career, what are his interests to reach his final goal with ease. The career questionnaire can be a bit different for elementary school students and college students. 

The Career Questionnaire For Students should be like a career assessment for students, there are many colleges providing this questionnaire online. You can answer few sample student career questionnaire questions: 

Career Questionnaire For Students Free 

What is your final goal? 
What subjects you feel you are more comfortable with? 
What subjects you feel you are average? 
How many hours do you study every day? 
What kind of lifestyle you lead? 
How much money do you want to earn? 
How much money can you spend on further education? 
Do you feel a job is for self satisfaction or earn money? 
Do you feel you can go to school every day or online classes are best? 
Are you physically active? 
Do you depend on other for solution or self reliant?