Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sample Dog Breed Questionnaire

Dog Breed Questionnaire

This questionnaire is for millions of dog lovers around the world. What dog should I get? Is the questions asked by everyone when they are looking to find the right dog. Choosing a dog breed looks simple but is bit difficult and differs according to people’s tastes. The Dog Breed Questionnaire will help you analyze yourself in finding the best dog for you. 

The Dog Breed Questionnaire contains questions like size of the dog, type of dogs, size, how energetic the dog should be, colors, healthy so you take a look at all these characteristics when looking to purchase or get a free dog breed from a friend. There are new kinds of dog breeds evolving around the world every year. People look out for dog breeds for various reasons, some want them for security, some are passionate, some for kids, some for games etc. 

Some breeds of dogs are adapted to certain climatic conditions, dog owners should be aware of this before purchasing a dog. Answering the sample dog breed questionnaire will give you right answer before purchasing one. 

Sample Dog Breed Questionnaire: 

Are you looking for puppy breed, small breed or medium breed? 
How energetic should the dog look? 
What exact purpose do you need this breed? 
Do you provide any training sessions to make the dog a part of your family? 
Do you have good knowledge on best foods to feed for different breeds? 
Do you play with the dog? 
If you have other pet animals, do you wish to group them together? 
Will be able to provide the perfect maintenance cost? 
If you are on a tour, who would take care of the dog? 
Do you know the exact climatic conditions suitable for the dog? 
Do you need a dog just of winning a game competition?