Monday, January 7, 2013

Sample Employee Medical Questionnaires

Employee medical questionnaires

Employee medical questionnaires are set of questions provided before the Employee joins the company. The aim of this questionnaire is to make sure the Employee is medically fit to work with organization. 

The questions shared would be personal. The Employee medical questionnaire needs to draft questions regarding their physical and mental health. You should also need to know about the life style of the employee, to check for mental and stress issues. Most of the companies have night shifts, so you need to confirm that he is habituated. Check out few sample Employee Medical Questionnaires below:  

Sample Employee Medical Questionnaires 

Full name:_______ 
Address: ___________ 
mobile no:______________ 
Marital status:___________ 
Do you have children? 
Have you undergone any surgery in the recent past? 
Did you have any fractures? 
Are you habituated to night shifts? 
Do you have any disabilities? 
Do you have any stress related issues? 
Do you use pills to sleep? 
Did you consult any doctor in recent past? 
How often do you fell ill? 
How often do you consume alcohol? 
Do you have any other habits like smoking and tobacco? 
Will you be comfortable sitting for long hours before computers? 
How many sick leaves have you taken in your previous work? 
Do play sports, hit gym etc?