Thursday, January 24, 2013

Web Client Questionnaire

The need to web designers has increased immensely and the designing companies necessitate having the best web client questionnaire in order get the web design finish quicker. 

Every day there are thousands of new sites being launched and the fact is most of them are newbie’s who have very less knowledge on web designing and move on to a web designing company in order to get there work done, when a company get heavy requests from tons of clients it naturally becomes difficult to handle every one. In this case the web client questionnaire will help them get the exact blue print the client is looking for. 

Some users what there site to be designed for business, eCommerce, education, health and many more, so handling a questioner to the clients makes life easy. You almost get all the necessary answers before designing a new site. 

Sample web client questionnaire: 

1. What’s the reason for launching this web site?

Personal site 
Business site 
Supporting site 

2. Is this a new website or what the old one redesigned? 
3. Do you have few designing samples or we need to start a fresh? 
4. Do you need this site for public or internal office?
5. What kind of background you require for the design? 
6. How would you like to contact, an email, phone or chat? 
7. Could you send us all the company details? 
8. Do you require having a Google map to share your business location? 
9. What your company tag line? 
10. How are you willing to spend on this project? 
11. What the required time in finishing this project? 
12. Do you have a logo designed for the company? 
13. Is the website going to have any financial transactions?