Thursday, March 7, 2013

Career Anchors Questionnaire Sample

Career Anchors Questionnaire

Edgar Schein was the person to develop career anchors questionnaire, according to him career anchors questionnaire is a career interest survey tool to find what a person can chose as his career. 

Students come out of schools and colleges but never know exact what career to choose. Answering this survey questions can give you better ideas on how to make your career a bright one. 

As a student you should know your skills in particular area and make the best use of them. If your will to do MBA, it means you need to be a management professional. MBA has many streams to chose the right one you should know your skills, and go with MBA Marketing, MBA business, MBA Computers etc. Take a look at the career anchors assessment sample 

Career Anchors Questionnaire Sample 

Name: _______________________ 

Address: ___________ 
Mobile Number: ________________ 
Email ID: ___________ 
Age: __________ 
Gender: ___________ 
What are the subjects you rank yourself high from childhood? 
When you were a kid, what were your interesting areas? 
Were you good at sports or just studies? 
Do you love social activities? 
Do you prefer to look at your career in managerial roles or just stick to team leads? 
Do you like to make your career in freelancing? 
Have you taken career aptitude test in schools or colleges?