Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Class Reunion Questionnaire Sample

Planning a class reunion can be a overwhelming task, especially if you have not kept in touch with your classmates over the years. You want to make sure you plan an event that meets your peers and facilitates nervousness that people can have. Creating a class reunion questionnaire before the event allows you to measure the interest of your classmates. A multifunctional questionnaire can provide a wealth of information for your meeting.

Class Reunion Questionnaire is a questionnaire sent by some classmates for the rest of the lot to get confirmations of those planning to attend the class reunion. The questionnaire schedule dates, participation, scale and nature of the event and to gather preferences in terms of the event itself.

Class Reunion Questionnaire Sample:

Are you interested in attending the meeting last week of the year?
How would your family accompany with you?
How long do you want the event to be organized?
What kind of celebration you want?
What would be your choice of venue?
What type of dress code do you come to the opportunity?
Do you think a school teacher should be invited?
What kind of school memories can you make?
What is the year you together or married?
Grandchildren? Tell us.
No children? How about a favorite niece, nephew, aunt, friend, etc. .. makes you smile?