Tuesday, June 18, 2013

School Survey Questionnaire Sample

 School Survey Questionnaire:

Conduct a school survey, particularly a course or training assessment is needed to determine whether a certain course, class or even a whole program has been effective in achieving the expectations of its students and institution. It is a vital task for your school to do research to determine if there is a need to improve training, to change the approach, or eliminate it completely.

Teachers and other employees of the institution could be made ​​aware that they need to learn certain procedures and how to go about them. Polls will manage to teach those who do not know, or do not fully understand the essential information. Through these polls and surveys, the school will become more conscious of its workings, and will be able to generate solutions to save the area more money. When the constituency cut costs, taxpayers get a break, so it's a win-win situation.

Students learn by carrying out the field survey procedures; planning of construction projects, determine directions, and surface mapping project areas. A computer course high geometric principles necessary to identify the points of land to work. Students will comprehend the use of spherical and Cartesian coordinates. The calculus course is usually a precondition for this course because it used advanced mathematics.

School Survey Questionnaire Sample:

Name of the school: ____________________

School’s address: _________________________

City/state: _________________________

Pin code: ___________________

School telephone number: ____________________

How many students study in school?   
What is the tuition charged by the school?
How many teachers does your school use?   
How many playgrounds are there in your school?
How many computers are designed for students used in computer class?   

Which of these sports that school?   

Lawn tennis
Table tennis

What is the participation rate of students per month?