Thursday, January 30, 2014

Childhood Trauma Questionnaire Sample

Find below a questionnaire sample on how to prepare a childhood trauma, the answers give you clear picture of physical condition of your children.

The trauma is always hunted humans in different ways and situations. The is no exact reason for the cause, but when this physiological disorder happens in kids its very disturbing for parents or public, as the behavior of child is different from others. The one reason  I could say is, children suffer from such disorders when they are in the womb and some starts after watching events which are not meant to, if a child watchs someone firing and killing, or if the child’s parents fight all the day and get divorced..Children memory is very blank and calm, when they see such events, the images are never removed, and they feel that every now and then, they feel something important is missing, scary.

This is just not with watching things, but also habits, today parents have developed a bad habit of staying long nights and enjoying night parties, which effects there sleeping habit and directly effects children. After a research I have found that, 60% of children in world today are getting a physo or criminal minds, this is all because of insufficient sleep they had when young, when young children who are not active in mornings are advised to sleep until they themselves awake. My suggestion to parents is to change the habits and make children sleeps at least 8-10 hours.

Childhood Trauma Questionnaire Sample:

What kind of childhood did you in general?
Have you more happy or sad memories of childhood?
Your parents were alive during your childhood?
Have you experienced with your parents during your childhood?
What is your fondest childhood memory?
What is the saddest or traumatized childhood that you remember?
Were you a happy child during the years of childhood?
Have you been beaten as a child?
Have you been bullied by your friends or any other person during your childhood years? Mention the names of the people you were not very fond of during your childhood?
Was your dad drinking alcohol?
Did you have habit of reading books, if so what kind of books?
Did you sleep with your parents or alone?
Did you feel your parents were fighting for simple things?
What kind of movies did you love to watch as a child?
Was there any one in the family avoiding or disliking you?
Have you visited any historic places as a kid?