Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beauty Salon Questionnaire Sample

A questionnaire salon is a document used by several of beauty salons owners to get feedback from their customers. Contains questions that help assess the correctness of visits by customers taking services and their levels of satisfaction. All this helps the salon to make appropriate changes to their operations to better serve customers changes.

Beauty Salon Questionnaire Sample:

Name: _____________________
Contact No.: ____________________
Contact Addres:

Gender: male, female
Specify what age you are, or even a mention which age group do lie in.

How long has it have been visiting the salon for beauty treatments has been done? (Provide an estimated time if not exact)

How frequently visit this salon?

What services does beauty parlors to visit?

How is the environment of the salon?

How frequently do you get haircuts?

Do you have some preference for the kind of the salon?

Do you receive any of facial beauty treatment here? Specify.

How would you describe the quality of facial treatments that we offer?

Have you ever been had a manicure or a pedicure at the salon? How would you describe the quality of care?

Did you ever taken a massage or therapeutic management of our salon? Specify.

How would you qualify treatment quality?

How do you rate your experience at the front desk before and after treatment?

Is there anything in the classroom that would like to change or improve?