Friday, May 26, 2017

Bike Buying Questionnaire Sample

Bike is once passion and others need, to know the features of bikes and demand of bikes in the market this questionnaire on bike is conducted to drag the response from manufacturers and users.

Bike Buying questionnaire is a simple survey taken by individuals looking to purchase a bike and don't know much about all the features. The questionnaire sample will help you know what all attributes to look in a bike before making a purchase.

Most of the youth are unaware why they are buying a bike, they just need it for style. One should know that any automobile is used to carry people from one place to another place quickly. Knowing the purpose of any thing is always a good questions to start with. Normally, Bikes have become costly these days.

Bike Buying Questionnaire Sample:

Fill your details:

Name: ________________
Gender: _______________
How old are you:  ________________
Profession: _______________
Income: ______________
Area/ district you live: ______________


1) What is the reason for purchasing a bike?

a) Need.
b) Fashion
c) Any other_______________________

2) Which bike do you like to purchase?

a) Royal Enfield.
b) Sports.
c) Avenger.
d) Other.

3) Which color do you like to purchase?

a) black
b) red
c) white
d) silver
e) blue

4) How much you afford on purchasing a bike?

a) 1000- 3000$
b) 3000- 8000$
c) 8000- 1500$
d) More than 1500$.

5) Do you prefer mileage while purchasing bikes?

a) yes
b) no

6) How much mileage do you expect?

a) 45 – 55 kmpl
b) 55- 60 kmpl
c) 60- 75 kmpl
d) less than 45 kmpl

7) How many gears do you expect while purchasing a bike?

a) 4
b) 5
c) greater than 5

8) How much C.C you expect?

a) 150 cc
b) 200cc
c) 350cc
d) other______________

9) Which brand do you prefer while purchasing a bike?

a) Honda
b) Bajaj
c) Harley Davidson
d) bmw
e) any other_____________

10) What all aspects you prefer while buying a bike?

a) mileage
b) speed
c) stylishness
d) any other___________

11) Which brand tire you love the most?

a) Honda
b) Bajaj
c) MRF
d) CFT
e) any other___________

12) According  to you , bike is a _________________

13) Do you like riding bike?

a) yes
b) no