Sunday, November 18, 2012

Secret Santa Questionnaire

The secret santa questionnaire is questionnaire form which is distributed to everyone who comes to a party. Having this secret santa questionnaire makes the party totally different from routine parties. The rules are very simple. The party owner should prepare a Santa questionnaire and shares it with everyone. All of them need to answers the questions and then submit to the judge. The judge will pick out the each name and asks them few answers which when told correct will receive Secret Santa gifts. The questions can be normal ones. like chose the best and yes or no. mostly we can receive single letter answers.

Prepare the secret santa questionnaire according to age groups. If you have kids party then prepare a Secret Santa Questionnaire for kids. The same can be done in office you can prepare a Secret Santa Questionnaire for office party's. The questionnaire intends to create a kind of joyful environment. People can also find many secret santa questionnaire printables and ideas online. A questionnaire printable can give you perfect example to prepare a santa questionnaire.

Secret Santa Questionnaire

What is your Shirt size?
What is your Pant size?
Your Favorite color?
Your Favorite food?
Languages you love to speak?
Favorite drink?
Love spending time with family or friends?
Girl friend’s name?
Favorite movies?
Inspiring words you received from your father?
Which locations you love most?
Dog lovers or cat lovers? Do you believe in God?

Secret Santa Questionnaire for work

Are you working with self satisfaction or for money?
What you love about your work? 
Apart from work what other activities do you involve into?
How long do you chat with friends online?
Do you respect you team leads and managers or just act according to situations?
Do you love parties?
Favorite car?
How do you spend your holidays?
Do you love having fun or indoor games in office?
Are girls given more importance then boys?
Best boss you ever meet?
What else have you learnt working in this office?
Do you listen to music?
What excuse do you take when you need half day leave?